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Every infective discitis or spondylitis must be biopsied. Always.

Current Case:

A 59-years old patient diagnosed to have carcinoma rectosigmoid also had a left temporal bone lesion.

PET/CT showing the lesion
MRI showing the lesion

How would you biopsy this lesion?

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Region: Skull, Temporal Bone
Age: 59
Findings: Osteolytic lesion with intra- and extracranial soft tissue
Lesion Biopsied: Left temporal bone lesion
Size of Lesion: 12.4 mm z axis
Gun: 18G BARD, 20 mm throw, but used as 10 mm throw
No of cores: 4 for histopath and aspirate for micro and cytology
Sedation: Yes
Position & Approach: Supine
Time Taken (marker to wash-out): 12 mins
Complication: None
Level of Difficulty: 3/5
Diagnosis: Adenocarcinoma metastasis from carcinoma rectosigmoid

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