Region: Liver
Age: 52
Size of Lesion: 17.3 x 18.5 mm
Pre-Lesion Biopsy: No
Cryoprobe: 13G
Sedation: No
Position & Approach: Supine oblique, in-plane angulation
Special Steps: None
Time Taken (freeze-thaw-freeze): 15 mins - 15 mins - 15 mins
Complication: None
Level of Difficulty: 4/5
Final Outcome: Complete necrosis

This is a 52 years old man who was operated for abdominal leiomyosarcoma. His liver metastases were treated with chemotherapy and the lesions were stable for over 9 months with no activity on a recent PET/CT. A CT scan showed a new lesion in segment 7.

Cryoablation was done using the 13G cryoprobe of a liquid nitrogen based system (IceCure, Israel).

The video explains the rest.