Region: Posterior Thoracic Wall
Age: 46
Size of Lesion: 4.5 cm x 6.5 cm x 5.7 cm
Pre-Lesion Biopsy: No
Cryoprobe: 13G
Sedation: Yes
Position & Approach: Posterior, In-plane angulation
Special Steps: No
Time Taken (freeze-thaw-freeze): Two cycles of 15-15-15 mins - freeze-thaw-freeze
Complication: None
Level of Difficulty: 3/5
Final Outcome: 70% necrosis at one week

This is a 46-years old lady with a known posterior thoracic wall fibromatosis. RFA had been twice in the past and she was on chemotherapy. The lesion was stable but the pain was increasing.

Cryoablation was done using a liquid nitrogen based machine (IceCure, Israel). At one week follow-up, 70% of necrosis was seen with 50% reduction in pain.

The video explains the rest.